he safety bar when the roller coaster is in a sharp fall or upside down。 Sliding out of the seat, causing an accident, so the release of the seat belt is still a very serious safety incident, and must be taken immediately。

  Seeing that the roller coaster has started to speed up, not far from the front is the first climb and slide down。 The nervous staff rushed into the operation room to brake the roller coaster urgently。 Unfortunately, this process took a lot of time。   When the staff entered the operating room, the roller coaster had […]

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  stock funded with a sneer: “What Does the old Taylor family like to bully the Chinese I have to look at it。 He is going to bully me!”   ”Hey! Brother, calm!” Chris grabbed the arm of the stock fund and whispered, “I know you can’t get used to the old Taylor bullying the Chinese, I […]

ry, I only heard about labor。” The phantom of Slyth and the Phantom of the Opera。。。”

  Teddy turned his eyes and couldn’t have a happy exchange !   With a cough, Teddy continued: “You don’t ask me where to find this phantom”   Stocks are well-funded: “Where can I find this phantom”   Teddy whispered: “Go to the mercenary pub in Brooklyn 。。。there are the most powerful killers, gangsters, and mercenaries in New York […]