the campus area can be as large as possible。 My budget for the first super-energy college in New York is about 12 million。 This money can be in Queens。 Building a very large school。。。”

  ”Look first to my vision。 The super college has an area of about 2,200 acres, including a teaching area, a residential area, an experimental area, and a fairly large event area。。。”   ”In a large enough activity area, those who have just entered the school can freely release their abilities。。。”   ”I think that such a large […]

han the invincible warrior。

  The former competitive champions, double-headed beasts, and humanoids, have already become tired of their work。 Their fighting style has caused the aesthetic fatigue of Gao Tianzun, and the recent rise of the “Golden Titan” and Raytheon, although impressive, is only rare。 ,too few。   Gao Tianzun urgently needs a new strongman to inject fresh blood into […]

e organ, the temple will start。

  Garrett has raised the obelisk, and now it is no longer enough to stop him。   As a senior villain, Garrett is well versed in the idea that “the villain died in words”, so after seeing the Big Three, he will not directly put the obelisk on the institution。   The entire temple suddenly rumbling, and the […]

r human experimentation, and it was not enough to let the people of the Aussie Group kill and kill the people。 The stock allocation must be accurately broken and they are not known。 The secret is the only way, the only way, the Aussie Group will take the risk and get rid of him!

  It is also technical to die!   Taking advantage of Eddie’s work with several security guards, the stock allocations were carefully observed and boldly inferred, and the position of the human laboratory was quickly judged。 According to his observation, there were four patrol teams in the pharmaceutical factory。 The patrol path of the four patrols is […]

nom said helplessly, “we just want to find a habitat。。。”

  He said that he seems to conscience, and reluctantly admits, “Okay, maybe most of us are very Evil, but I am not too evil, I don’t really like killing, I am a pacifist。”   ”Crap you!” Eddie retorted, “You have lost the heads of several people!”   ”Peace is also I have to fill my stomach!” The […]

t migrated from the earth to the moon。

  Crystal sorted out some messy clothes because of the hurry, and smiled and said: “Hey, here is the house of our royal family, that is, the palace that the people often say。。。 but after the last rebellion initiated by Maximus Black bat king and my sister decided to abolish Atlan’s feudal system, so it is […]

by him。。。 You know the Temple of the Spirit It has been razed to him。。。”

  ”I rely!” The   stock of funds has just wanted to beat people。   ”You can’t let him come to harm the earth because he has done the scourge of Asgard 。 ” Rocky, you are a wicked thing。。。”   Rocky didn’t plan to continue to talk nonsense with the stock, and shouted in the sky: “Skolk! Scolchi! […]

Street in Manhattan, and the New York Police Department Square was held。

  The stock funded with “family” Carrie and colleagues from the 109 branch attended the ceremony。   Colleagues are very curious about the daughter of Carrie, whose stock is out of stock, especially the old partner Hank。 He has always firmly believed that Carrie is actually an illegitimate daughter of Frank, because Frank’s current life is difficult。 […]

ve Certain principles, at least not openly and illegally, can be ruled out。 Although my enemies want to frame me and retaliate against me, but to create a fake iron man needs technology and money, they may not have this capital。。。”

  ”So only It’s your competitor – Justin Hammer!” Pepper suddenly realized, “I understand。”   System:   [Worship from Pepper Potts +5]   ”Stock funded police officer, you really have a clear idea。” Perth appreciates it。   The stock allocation is smiling and modest: “Where, where。”   As a passer, it is not unusual to have such a play。   ”Then what […]